David Hayes Export Controls - Compliance Consultancy; Training

Export controls are an increasingly complex and changing arena, which can pose significant risk and costs to businesses. These risks and costs are more likely to arise during the course of normal business than directly from a government investigation but are no less effective at disrupting your business.

Using an export control consultant to provide regular, consistent support to your business may be more cost effective than utilising in-house personnel diverted from other primary tasks. Using an export control consultant to provide additional resource to your existing compliance function for specific projects or other activity peaks, such as M&A activity, can also be a very cost effective way to manage these complex issues.

We have practical, first-hand experience, both as in-house Head of Compliance and in consultancy, of establishing and maintaining workable, pragmatic compliance systems in companies of all sizes. This extends across the full spectrum of the military and dual-use control lists, having clients operating in every category.

Advice on the impact of the current and ongoing changes to US export controls, arising from the Export Control Reform Initiative, is also available.

Specialist support to law firms in areas including mergers and acquisitions and investigations is also an important area of our work. Law firms supported in this regard are based in London, Washington and Dubai.

Further details may be found in the appropriate areas of this website but please contact us if you have any additional questions.

20.01.2018 Have you completed your SPIRE returns? Most open licences require annual returns of physical exports to be made by 31 January for the preceding year, as a condition of licence usage. Are yours up to date? Guidance details below. … read more …